Hi guys,

my name is Tobi and I´m 38 years old. I live in Germany and over the last year I really fell in love with Disc Golf. Even if I sometimes play bad I enjoy every minute I´m on the course. Once off the Course I can‘t take my mind off of Disc Golf. I watch tons of coverage and dig my head in everything which is Disc Golf related. Wasn’t for long till I stumbled over the huge disc dyeing community. Soon I ordered my first portion of idye poly to dye my first disc. After a few attempts (and obviously mistakes) I realized that this wasn’t only a ton of fun but felt like meditation to me. Spending hours and hours dyeing felt like minutes and the results where getting better and better. Sharing my dyes with friends and even Disc Golf Pros made me realize that I had talent. The response I got from YOU guys on my Instagram page was just overwhelming so I decided to take the next big step, opening my own little Disc Golf related business. What started as fun became a hobby and here we are…

…My Own Shop!